Taking Spring 2023 Chick Orders

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Deposit $50, full price $500.00

Selma is a 1 year old ewe, very light silver fleece, soft lustrous curls, high percentage Gotland at 93.9454%.  Ready to breed in the fall.   Selma is registered with the GSBABA and has a long line of Swedish genetics, Sire Halvard (winner of the Black Sheep festival 2018), Sindarve Shaun, Fattings Aron, Skinnarve Allan, Nors Fox.

We will help to set up transport of sheep.  We will also consider delivery of sheep if fewer than 5 hours away, for a fee.

Ewes will be sheared soon and look totally different.  The color of Gotland in the spring can be totally different in the fall or summer months.

This is a non refundable deposit.  After you make the deposit, we will contact you to set up payment, and pickup, or transportation.  If you pay in full we will contact you to set up transportation, or pickup.

Deposit, or paid in full