Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

Day Old Chicks

Accepting Chick Orders For Summer Shipments

There is a minimum order of 10 chicks and most breeds are sold straight run, there are only 4 breeds that we can sex as a chick. We work through the orders in the order they're received, and this can take time.   There is a minimum order of 10 chicks.  You may choose to have your chicks vaccinated or unvaccinated, we vaccinate for Marek's only.  To ensure the best health possible, please feed your new chicks a MEDICATED chick feed to prevent Coccidiosis. Please check our shipping policy and cancellation policy before placing an order.  Please also read about our chick guarantees.

We ship chicks in order of payment received and we text you the day they ship out.  We can also work around any blackout dates that you might have.  Some chicks sell out very fast for the year, so get your order in early.  Please be patient as we fill the orders. Keep in mind, we are working with live animals not fast food.  We work on their schedule.

 We have 3 breeds that we can sex as a chick, those breeds are Welsummer, 55 Flowery Hen, Bielefelder, and Crested Cream Legbar all other chicks are sold straight run

We're excited to offer a new breed this year, the beautiful, gentle giant, Bielefelders!!