Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

Our poultry farm was established in 2008 and our goal has stayed the same. Our Farm focus is rare heritage poultry that produce lovely eggs. We provide day old chicks, fertile hatching eggs, and started young pullets. Here at CSP we ship our poultry and fertile eggs all over the US. We strive to keep our farm sustainable, and we know that raising healthy poultry is a direct result of high-quality feed, humane treatment, and above all, starting with the absolute best breeding stock. We keep our flocks small in order to provide the best quality poultry possible.

All of our poultry is raised right here on our farm. Did you know that most large hatcheries don't even raise their own poultry. How can you know what you're producing if you're not producing it??

We're certified poultry testers by the state of Illinois and members of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). Beginning in 2022 Our farm is one of only two farms in the US to regularly test for Mycoplasma
Gallisepticum, Mycoplasma Synoviae and Avian Influenza. Now that's something to crow about!!


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