Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

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 We're super excited to offer the F2 Olive Egger Day old chicks and started young pullets for sale. Our farm created the Olive Egger here in the US over 12 years ago and that amazing green egg has spread across America like wildfire!! Our good friends, who are also our amazing customers have been asking for years to go the next step with our Olives. Well finally made room in our barns to do just that and we can't wait to share the new F2 Olive Egger color scheme with you. Our goal is color that is deeper, darker and bolder than ever before, egg color has everything to do with breeding stock. We start with hens that are proven dark egg layers and examine their eggs from the inside out, the next step is to examine the chicken and choose those that possess the characteristics needed for the next phase in the Olive Egger. The F2 Olive lays a nice dark khaki green egg that looks as though it has a bronze over spray on the green shell. Some of the hens produce a lovely mint chocolate chip egg. It's lovely! I must say not every F2 Olive Egger will lay a green egg, a few will revert back to brown or a mossy brown. I'm not exactly sure what percentage will lay the bronzy green egg because I never get to save any of the hens for my own use, I sell every one of them. The F2 chicks are sold straight run.

 Shipping cost is figured by your zip code, the weight of the box, plus the cost of the postal approved poultry box.    If you would like to order more than 4 pullets you will need to place 2 separate orders. 

Started young pullets ship extremely well!

We guarantee live delivery of pullets, however if you should have a problem notify us immediately. 

Policy for mistakes on sexing pullets:  Send a photo of questionable bird, if we have made a mistake we will refund for the cost of the bird.  We hate to make mistakes, but it can and does happen.  Mother nature sometimes hides her secrets very well. 

Please choose Hen (Female) or Rooster (Male)