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Gotland Sheep


The summer of 2017 we became the proud owners of the first flock of Gotland sheep in Illinois.  We're members of the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association Of North America and our goal is to improve this rare breed of sheep and share them with other small hobby farms.

GSBANA was founded in 2006.  The development of Gotland sheep in North America began with crossing specific non-Gotland foundation sheep breeds with Gotland genetics through imported semen or natural breeding. With 13 years of up breeding the percentages have reached 99%

Gotland sheep are a multipurpose breed.  Their long curly fiber is excellent for spinning and a favorite for wool felting.  Gotland pelts are prized worldwide.  Gotland meat is extremely mild, sweet and close grained. 

Gotland ewes often have twins, triplets and occasional quads are common with high percentage Gotland's.

It's difficult to get a good photo of a Gotland sheep because of their friendly disposition, the moment you squat down to take the photo here they come as fast as they can just in case you might want to give them some love.

Gotland sheep are believed to be descendants of flocks from the Viking era on the Swedish Island of Gotland which was a thriving trading center for the Vikings.

Today's Gotland sheep fleece is long, fine, lustrous, dense and has a defined even curl, it can range in color from shades of grey, silver, charcoal grey and even black.

Lambs are usually born black and as they mature will begin to turn silver.  Gotland sheep also change colors depending on the seasons of the year.

Why did I choose the Gotland Sheep breed?  After a year of study, I kept coming back to this breed and I'm so glad that I did.  They have a wonderful friendly disposition, they're bright and inquisitive.  They're great mothers, with high lambing rates.  They're hardy and super adaptable.  Gotland sheep are a small breed which makes them easy to handle for 4H kids or great for a hobby farm, they're also naturally short tailed and naturally polled.  I can't express how sweet they are.  You're welcome to come and see them for yourself, I promise you'll fall in love with Gotland Sheep!

We will have lots of new lambs in the spring to choose from.  If you're interested in a small starter flock or just a couple of little ewes drop me a message to get on the list.