Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

Shipping And Cancellation Policies

When placing an order please read all shipping information, once payment is made you have agreed to our shipping policies. Orders will be filled in order of payment received and we will not be able to give a ship date. We're a small breeding farm not a high production hatchery. We keep our breeding flocks small to ensure high quality poultry. We are working with Heritage poultry, laying patterns and fertility is out of our control. The hatching and shipping process cannot be rushed. We will text you or call you the day your chicks or pullets ship out and give you a tracking number at that time. All chicks and started pullets are shipped Priority Mail Express, this is the fastest we can ship.  Shipping normally takes 2 to 3 days. Even though your shipping label guarantees a delivery date, the postal service does not make that guarantee for live animals. We will at no time refund your shipping charge.

We guarantee live delivery to your post office.

If any chicks or pullets arrive at your post office DOA, we will either refund the price of the bird or replace the bird. WE will decide what is the best action to take.

The following conditions and exclusions apply:

Birds must be picked up from the post office no later than 2 hrs. after they're available. As soon as you arrive home, get your chicks settled into the brooder. If any chicks are dead, take photos of those chicks while they're still in the box and email them to me immediately If any more chicks die over a 12-hour period, take photos of them in your box and email me the photos.

If we do not have proof of death the postal system will not accept insurance claims.

We will not issue refunds in the following circumstances:

Birds are not picked up from the post office within 2 hours of being available for pick up.

If we are not notified of losses within 12 hours after the birds are received.


Order Cancellation:

Once a customer has placed an order with our farm, more often than not, I have spent several days or hours communicating by email or by phone with a customer. If you decide to cancel your order once payment has been made you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee.

Fertile Eggs Orders:

We make no guarantees on fertile eggs.  Once the eggs leave the farm the hatching and incubation process is out of our hands.  We will not refund money due to poor hatch rate or no hatch.  Eggs are a risk, if you place an egg order you accept responsibility. 

If your eggs show up damaged take a photo and let us know immediately.