Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

Fertile Hatching Eggs

Please be patient while we fill orders.  You will receive an email when your eggs ship out, so keep an eye out for that.  occasionally our emails will go into your spam, so try and keep an eye on that also.

You can now choose between Priority Mail shipping or Express Mail shipping.  If you choose Express mail and your eggs take longer than 3 days to arrive, we will re ship or refund for your eggs.  We will at no time refund the shipping cost.  If you choose Priority Mail, we do not guarantee they will arrive in a timely manner.  We will not refund for eggs or shipping if you choose Priority Mail.

  We do hatch these ourselves and eggs will be limited when we are hatching.  Once an order is placed, we will contact you on a shipping timeframe.  Fertility is checked on eggs before we decide what breed of eggs we can sell.  

Eggs are a risk.  Shipping is hard on eggs, and incubators as well as incubator owners don't always work correctly.  If you are not willing to accept full responsibility of this risk, don't place an order.  We do guarantee unbroken eggs when we ship, but we will not guarantee a hatch.  We will not refund for a poor hatch, no hatch.  Once you place an order you are agreeing to our policies.

 If your eggs are broken upon arrival, send a photo immediately and we will refund on broken eggs.

Do not contact us 21 days from the purchase of your eggs to tell us the eggs were not fertile.  We check fertility before we decide to sell a breed.  When eggs bounce across the US in the mail the delicate cell of the egg is often broken and will appear to be unfertilized.  That is the risk of shipping eggs, if you're not willing to accept all risk don't purchase the eggs!

Read all information on this page! Once the Order is placed you are agreeing to our policies.