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Silkies are super sweet, very docile and calm. They lay a small cream-colored egg. This particular breed of Silkie is bearded and crested which gives them that puff ball adorableness.

After years of customers inquiring about Silkies I decided it's time to give Silkies a try. I must confess I love them and wonder why I waited too long to get them!! Are you looking for a chicken to love that will love you back? Look no farther I've found the chicken for you! Silkies are the lap chicken of the chicken world!

Silkies are super sweet, very docile and calm. They do go broody and make great little incubators and good mothers. If you're interested in hatching chicks, I recommend purchasing a Silkie instead of an incubator.

The colors of our Bearded Crested Silkies are Blue, Black and Splash. Chicks are sold straight run.