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If you're looking for a heritage breed that is also a heavy egg producer this is the perfect bird. The 55 Flowery Hen is one of the best white egg layers and lays really nice large eggs. They are descendants of the Leghorn without the flighty and nervousness of commercial leghorns.

55 Flowery Hens are very hardy, great foragers and can turn small amounts of feed into nice big eggs. In many countries they're used for commercial egg production. The chicks are also auto sexing at hatch. If you're placing a chick order for this breed you can choose the sex of the chicks.

We have both the silver and the golden variety of this breed. When placing a chick order we will try to give a mix of color.

It's rather amazing how visually different the rooster looks from the hens; the roosters are white and the hens so colorful. Flowery means floral and the hens display the white spots considered flowers.

The 55 Flowery Hen was created in 1955 in Sweden by Father Marin Silverrudd and have proven to be his most successful creation.

Pullets ordered now will ship summer or fall of 2023.  We fill orders in order of payment received.

During the heat of summer, we are limiting pullets to 3 to a box.

Pullets are shipped out around 7 weeks of age. We can fit 4 pullets in a box during the cooler months, however you can order as few as 1. Keep in mind that the hatching and growing process takes time, so please be patient while we do our work and remember we're working with animals. We ship in order of payment received. We text the day the pullets ship out and we can work around your blackout dates.  

Included in the shipping cost is a box required by the Post Office along with the express mail fee.

Policy for mistakes on sexing pullets:  Send a photo of questionable bird, if we have made a mistake we will refund for the cost of the bird.  We hate to make mistakes, but it can and does happen.  Mother nature sometimes hides her secrets very well. 

Please choose Hen (Female) or Rooster (Male)