Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

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Our Blue Laced Red Wyandotte is a beautiful large bird that lay pastel pink eggs. They're very docile, curious and kid friendly. If you like big butts on your poultry, this is the bird for you. The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte looks as though it's wearing a pretty red lacy dress with a blue petti coat and not just any old blue, it's pigeon blue! This truly is one of the most beautiful birds on the farm. You really have to see them to believe it. The roosters are super sweet and always on good behavior, if you're looking for a kid friendly rooster this is the breed you need.

No matter which color verities they're absolutely stunning! Our Wyandottes are producing amazing lacing of the feathers, years of hard work with our Wyandottes has made an amazing difference!! When you order our Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks, you should know that you will be getting a beautiful mix of color not just blue. You will get splash laced, Blue laced and Black laced. You need all of these colors in your flock in order to throw good color. It takes a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte a good 18 months to fully color out. Our Wyandottes are from the Jerry Foley line.

Take a look through the photos, the pink eggs in the photo are Wyandotte eggs.

ATTENTION:  Wyandotte chicks are sold straight run!   We require orders of a minimum of 10 day old chicks.  These 10 can be a mix of any of our breeds  This keeps the babies warm and healthy in the box. We guarantee live delivery of 10 or more chicks.

If you wish to order fewer you can contact us.  This would be for an order for farm pickup of less than 10, or an order of less than 10 that has no live delivery guarantee.

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