Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

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French Blue Copper Marans are a striking bird with all the traits of the French Black Copper Maran, that also lay a beautiful dark chocolate brown egg. The great thing about these birds is that you can run blacks and blues together and still have purebred blacks and purebred blues. The blue color gene is a variant of the black gene. Blue is a dilution gene it dilutes out the black to a gray. When you breed blue on blue you will get some splash Marans. One of the most often asked question about our Blue Copper Marans "Are their eggs as dark the Black Copper Marans?" Yes, they are. On the Marans egg color chart, we get great color! The French Blue Copper Marans have a better personality than the French Black Copper Marans.

Pullets and roosters are shipped out around 5 to 6 weeks of age.  Keep in mind that the hatching and growing process takes time, so please be patient while we do our work and remember we're working with animals. We ship in order of payment received. We text the day the pullets ship out and we can work around your blackout dates.  

Included in the shipping cost is a box required by the Post Office along with the express mail fee.

Policy for mistakes on sexing pullets:  Send a photo of questionable bird, if we have made a mistake we will refund for the cost of the bird.  We hate to make mistakes, but it can and does happen.  Mother nature sometimes hides her secrets very well. 

Please choose Hen (Female) or Rooster (Male)