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Jubilee Orpington is a British line of chicken that is a rather rare breed here in the US, there is currently only a few farms that offer this wonderful bird. The Jubilee Orpingtons are a very large breed and a prolific layer, they lay a large cream-colored egg, they have a deep Mahogany colored body with ruby, emerald, and white flecks. The beautiful Jubilee coloring has been described as the springtime sun melting the snow from a winter hillside, I think that fits perfectly. Jubilee Orpingtons are a very gentle calm bird. Jubilee chicks start out as yellow fluff balls and quickly develop their coloring. If you're like me and you like big butts on your poultry, the Orpington is for you. The Jubilee is the size of a nice big beach ball. Our Jubilees are English.

Pullets ordered now will ship summer, or fall of 2023.  We fill orders in order of payment received.

During the heat of summer we are limiting pullets to 3 to a box

Pullets are shipped out around 7 Pullets ordered now will ship spring 2023.  We fill orders in order of payment received.weeks of age. We can fit 4 pullets in a box during the cooler months, however you can order as few as 1. Keep in mind that the hatching and growing process takes time, so please be patient while we do our work and remember we're working with animals. We ship in order of payment received. We text the day the pullets ship out and we can work around your blackout dates.  

Included in the shipping cost is a box required by the Post Office along with the express mail fee.

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