Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

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Lavender Orpington pullet ready to ship now, 8 weeks old.  We can only fit 2 birds of this size in the box.  If you want more than 2 you will need to place 2 orders.

You should not mix older pullets and younger pullets!! 

All pullets are vaccinated for Marek's.

Lavender Orpingtons are a large heavy breed, very friendly and docile by nature. The Lavender gene is different from the blue genetics in that it will produce consistent lavender color in all the offspring. The Lavender Orpington is a large, docile, friendly bird that make great backyard pet for children. Our Lavender Orpingtons are American not English and they're nice large birds. The Lavender Orpington is a good dual-purpose bird and a very good layer of a pink egg.


Included in the shipping cost is a box required by the Post Office along with the express mail fee.

We guarantee live shipment, if you have any problem notify us immediately.

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