Taking Spring 2023 Chick Orders

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The Light Sussex is a large heavy breed and layer of a pinkish colored egg. The Light Sussex is a dual-purpose bird and good egg producer. They are a very curious and friendly and will make great addition to your backyard flock. The Light Sussex is a striking bird with its black mane and tail and pearl white bodies. Great with kids! We obtained our Light Sussex back around 2008 when they we're first imported into the US. We've kept the line pure, and they continue to be a farm favorite. The Light Sussex is an old Heritage breed, the hens still have their mothering instincts and they're happy to hatch and raise chicks.

Pullets ordered now will ship spring or summer of 2023.  We fill orders in order of payment received.

Pullets are shipped out around 7 weeks of age. We can fit 4 pullets in a box during the cooler months, however you can order as few as 1. Keep in mind that the hatching and growing process takes time, so please be patient while we do our work and remember we're working with animals. We ship in order of payment received. We text the day the pullets ship out and we can work around your blackout dates.  

Included in the shipping cost is a box required by the Post Office along with the express mail fee.

Please choose Hen (Female) or Rooster (Male)