Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

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The Light Sussex is a large heavy breed and layer of a pinkish colored egg. The Light Sussex is a dual-purpose bird and good egg producer. They are a very curious and friendly and will make great addition to your backyard flock. The Light Sussex is a striking bird with its black mane and tail and pearl white bodies. Great with kids! We obtained our Light Sussex back around 2008 when they we're first imported into the US. We've kept the line pure, and they continue to be a farm favorite. The Light Sussex is an old Heritage breed, the hens still have their mothering instincts and they're happy to hatch and raise chicks.

ATTENTION: Light Sussex chicks are sold straight run!  We require orders of a minimum of 10 day old chicks.  These 10 can be a mix of any of our breeds  This keeps the babies warm and healthy in the box. We guarantee live delivery of 10 or more chicks.

If you wish to order fewer you can contact us.  This would be for an order for farm pickup of less than 10, or an order of less than 10 that has no live delivery guarantee.

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