Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

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The Mint Cream Bar green egg layer is a creation of Chicken Scratch Poultry, no other farm can claim they're producing this chicken because we created it right here. This breed lays the loveliest dark green eggs, the chicken is rather cute also. Some have the black and white barring, and some have blue and grey barring.

The inside of the egg is just as intriguing as the outside, the inside is blue. How the hen is able to do this is all in the breeding.

Did you know that poultry that lay colored eggs depending on what breed, can color their eggs in different ways. Some poultry color the egg by applying the color to the outside of the shell. While others color the shell all the way through. Next time you crack open a color egg go ahead and peel back the membrane on the inside of the shell and take a look at the color of the shell from the inside of the egg. If it's a brown egg you will notice that the inside of the shell is white. Chickens are amazing.

Please don't ask us don't ask for our secret recipe because just like your grandma's secret recipe that you hold dear to your heart and don't share, we won't be sharing ours.

Spruce up your egg basket with a spruce-colored egg. Chicks are sold straight run.

ATTENTION: Mint Cream Bar chicks are sold straight run!  We require orders of a minimum of 10 day old chicks.  These 10 can be a mix of any of our breeds.  This keeps the babies warm and healthy in the box. We guarantee live delivery of 10 or more chicks.

If you wish to order fewer you can contact us.  This would be for an order for farm pickup of less than 10, or an order of less than 10 that has no live delivery guarantee.

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