Now Accepting 2024 Orders for day old chicks & started pullets

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The Rumpless Araucana is an extremely rare and unusual bird. The only place to find this bird is from and breeder of Araucana. You will not find it in a large hatchery or farm store. The Araucana is a rumpless bird (no tail) and some are tufted, NOT ALL are tufted. Most are clean faced, or they can have one tuft, or they can have a tuft on each side of the face. They produce a turquoise-ish blue egg, a true Araucana will never produce a pink or brown egg. This breed is the TRUE Araucana, this is not a hatchery bird, and you can NOT get a true Araucana from a hatchery. Having tufts are beautiful but can also be a deadly trait. When two tufted genes from a hen and a rooster are inherited often the chick dies in the shell. So tufted chicks can be difficult to get. We have a nice mix of colors in our flock, we do not keep our colors separate. When placing a chick order you will get a mix of color. Last fall we added in a new breeding line to our flock and we're very pleased with the results. We're super excited to begin our spring hatches.

ATTENTION: Araucana chicks are sold straight run!  We require orders of a minimum of 10 day old chicks.  These 10 can be a mix of any of our breeds  This keeps the babies warm and healthy in the box. We guarantee live delivery of 10 or more chicks.

If you wish to order fewer you can contact us.  This would be for an order for farm pickup of less than 10, or an order of less than 10 that has no live delivery guarantee.

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